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Metal mesh + chrome chairs

- 09 Feb 2018 -
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Does anyone know what this chair is? Bought 5 of them and can't figure out what exactly it is.

Looks sort of like Iuta chairs by Antonio Citterio for B&B Italia but the bases are wrong.

Metal mesh + chrome chairs
United States
1970 - 1979


- 09 Feb 2018

Thoses are Penelope chairs by Charles Pollock for Castelli.
Nice catch !!

- 09 Feb 2018

Great looking chairs & nice find.

Here's a Castelli link about the design of these chairs, except do not believe what it says about this furniture designer Charles (Randolph) Pollock being related to the artist Jackson Pollock who's brother's name is Charles (Cecil) Pollock, also an accomplished artist.

- 10 Feb 2018

@minimoma + @jejeabadji - thank you!!! you've made my weekend.

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