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Metropolitan Co round cocktail table

Interior design
- 07 May 2016 -
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Interior design

I'm looking for info on a table I received from my Grandparents. Its a 1970's Metropolitan furniture piece 40" diameter by 15" high with a walnut base. The top is silver plated copper etched in Italy and it is signed but illegible.

Metropolitan Co round cocktail table
United States
1970 - 1979


- 07 May 2016

Every Metropolitan piece that I've seen a design credit on has been by Jules Heumann. Obviously that does not mean that he designed your table, but it is at least a reasonable guess, and he is the obvious "usual suspect."

- 11 May 2016

Thank you leif ericson for the added info! ill be posting a pic of the signature on the table top.

- 03 Jun 2016

The table is 40" diameter top x 15" tall with a hexagon base. The top is etched in brass and silver plated.

- 08 Jul 2018

I just purchased a sofa / console table in Michigan with this same style of top, although in a different design. Appears to be manufactured with the same materials of wood & metal, although I'm still hunting for a signature on the panels. Thank you for posting your pictures!

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