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Metropolitan Furniture San Francisco Jules Heumann? Chesterfield Sofa with Steel Frame? Help Id and Info Pleae

- 07 Nov 2017 -
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I believe I got very lucky in purchasing this awesome sofa. The seller said the tag came off and could not be located but I have a picture of it. The underside has a Metropolitan Furniture So. San Francisco tag on it. But it looks different the the Metro tags Im finding online. I have spent a couple of weeks searching online and keep returning to this site as this is the most information I have found.

So the sofa is in great shape. Very dusty but I am working on that. I believe the frame is stainless steel but it has a bit of a bronze look to it. Just wondering if anyone has any idea based on the picture of the tag and the design of the sofa what year this may have been manufactured. And does anyone know if it looks like a Jules Heumann design? With the tag being different I wasnt sure if it was a newer piece or what the deal is. The order number appears to be lower than others I have seen online but not knowing what type of system Metropolitan Furniture used for numbering their orders I cannot be certain.

So I am coming to all of you "experts" to see if anyone has any additional information they may be able to share.

I cant find any sort of images like mine exactly so any help is very much appreciated.

Metropolitan Furniture San Francisco Jules Heumann?  Chesterfield Sofa with Steel Frame?  Help Id and Info Pleae
1970 - 1979


- 07 Nov 2017

Solid information about Metropolitan is very scarce. You may have to break ground with new research here.

Stainless steel gets its color from the chrome and nickel alloys which make it stainless. Most specifically it is the stable oxide layer at the surface that protects the steel. As such there isn’t the option to create a variation of hues of stainless steel. So the bronze cast of the metal on yours is an indication that it is not stainless steel.

- 19 Dec 2017

Thank you for the response. I was wondering if anyone had seen one like this or knew if it was Jules Heumann or if possibly there were pictures of any others like it. I have it sitting in my front room cleaned up. The metal I have not attempted to polish anymore for fear that I may hurt it. Here is a copy of the label that was on the bottom.

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