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Mid Century Danish Made Walnut End Table Nightstand - Anyone recognize the maker?

Product design
- 05 Oct 2014 -
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Product design


I paid $125 for this small nightstand and think its a bargain - there are no maker marks but the drawer is stamped 42252 - I have a Jens Risom credenza and it seems the same quality but something about it tells me its another designer - any ideas



- 21 Jun 2015

did you ever find out the maker of this nightstand? I have the matching dresser and it also has a number on the back similar to your nightstand. My parents had the chest (which I have in photo) they had a dresser and the matching nightstands. between divorce and death. all that was left was the chest that was my dads but have been on the hunt for years and years for the nightstand.Sure would make it an easier hunt if I can find out who made it.

- 23 Jun 2015

chest looks a lot like a 6 drawer dresser i have. friend of mine refers to the style as jack cartwright for founders furniture. i've been able to find very little info other than they had some association with knoll. even that was online so take it for what it's worth. seems very well made. please update thread if you find any info.

- 01 Jan 2017

Been doing much research. POWBUM is correct. The nightstand that MSK posted in 2014 along with my dresser is by Founders Furniture, Jack Cartwright collection. 1960's

In my search I had found another piece to match my dresser in my local Craigslist ad which I purchased for $200.00
The serial numbers on the back of these pieces are very similar

- 03 Jan 2017

I can confirm, Founders Furniture, Jack Cartwright collection. I saw an add for Founders somewhere with these pieces a while back. Wish I had grabbed it, as I have the tall boy, low boy, and 3-drawer dresser. They are really nice pieces, for being american. The walnut veneer quality seems to be top notch on the ones I have, and the ones I have seen.

I refinished the top of the low boy, and plan to refinish all 3 pieces at some point. Veneer is pretty thick, and pretty accepting of a careful refinishing. Seems that there might be dark and lighter walnut versions.

- 03 Jan 2017

I have also owned a set of these. Highboy, double dresser, and a pair of nightstands with cane shelves. They truly are very well made pieces. They are better made than a lot of Danish pieces, except that the drawer handles are occasionally sloppily carved. And they even have an oil finish.

Walnut is naturally very inconsistent in coloration. And its sapwood is not usually well divided. So when you see consistently colored walnut it almost always means it has had a dark walnut stain applied over top to darken the light/sapwood areas.

- 03 Mar 2018

I found another piece, a nightstand, it arrives next week! These 3 pieces are all that will fit in my smaller bedroom. My other 2 are in a previous post. Now I want the end tables and coffee table for living room. The hunt still continues!

- 25 Mar 2018

We've had many of these pieces in the past (love them, really nicely made and great veneers) and always attributed them to Jack Cartwright for Founders. HOWEVER... I just came across a piece from this series with a Jens Risom label in the drawer. Of course, Knoll/Founders were connected at some point, so it's not that far fetched, but I'd sure love to know for sure!

- 25 Mar 2018

Stacynell, do you have photos of the pieces you have seen?

- 25 Mar 2018

I would like to see that labeled piece too. I have never heard of any connection between Knoll and Founders Furniture. I have also seen many boxy case good pieces with caned doors by Founders Furniture misattributed to Florence Knoll.

The only way the word founders could be associated with Knoll is Florence Schust (Knoll) married Hans Knoll making her one of the FOUNDERS of Knoll.

- 25 Mar 2018

None of mine have labels, the dressers have numbers. The nightstand doesn’t have labels or numbers. Love your end table! I’ve seen online one, two and the three drawer version.

Beautiful furniture, so nice to see comments on this board again. It’s been so quiet

- 25 Mar 2018

Here are pieces I have or have had with identical details but no markings. The square table in question (labeled Risom) came from the same house as the credenza and 2-piece credenza/hutch shown below.

- 25 Mar 2018

So the end table and all the other case good images posted are by Jens Risom's own company & not by Founder's Furniture?

I thought the original piece was already confirmed as made by Jack Cartwright/Founders Furniture & I see another piece with a Jens Risom label. Are we looking at pieces from two different designers & manufacturers?

- 25 Mar 2018

I don't know. All I know is that I have the exact same end table with drawers as the one from Chairish that has a Risom label. I always assumed Founders until I saw that. It's very mysterious.

I KNOW that I read years ago in some Founders history that they had beena subdiary of Knoll... but I can't find that source now. I just found a 1966 FCC document where various retailers were being interviewed who sold bot Knoll and Founders (and other brands) and someone called Founders a "so-called competitor" to Knoll.

(edited to add):
More info: Founders was aquired in 1965 by Thomasville "1965: Founders Furniture of Pleasant Garden is acquired to produce modern contemporary case goods."

No mention of what they did prior to that.

- 25 Mar 2018

How could that be says started 1974. Sooo confused.

- 26 Mar 2018

No, the company started in 1948. I was just reading a bunch of old newspapers from Pleasant Garden, NC, where they were located. Made "modern case goods" in the 60s, and sold to Thomasville in 65. Looks like in the 70s they started making cheapie stuff.

- 26 Mar 2018

I hope that this is also the same Jack Cartwright...

or another furniture designer using the same name?

And here is a mention of Thomasville in 1965 acquiring a company called Founders Furniture of Pleasant Garden..,

And here in 1948 a mention of Founders Furniture in a Pleasant Garden, NC...

And a reference to a business merger in 1965...

- 26 Mar 2018

All of the pieces pictured in this thread are by Jack Cartwright Founders Furniture. The numbers on the back correspond to the catalog.

- 26 Mar 2018

Ah ha!! Thank you! And the square 3-drawer table is shown there. Thy, then, did the EXACT table sold on Chairish have a Jens Risom label, I wonder??

- 27 Mar 2018

Thank you Atomicmod. I have been looking for that bit of evidence for this line of furniture for quite some time, and I am pretty sure I am not the only one. Jack Cartwright's line for Founders is one of the few american designs that blends almost seamlessly into Danish furniture design. The quality of the black walnut veneer on these pieces is typically excellent. Good to finally see some hard documentation of all this information.

Any chance you could get 4 closer images of the page with all the models shown? Also, I only see mention of solid walnut doors. Does this catalog mention cane door-front options?

Thanks again for posting this info.

I suspect the whole Risom Design label was of a different piece, than the Founders side table. Easy for posters and websites to mix photos up.

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