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Mid century vintage drink and bar cabinet, Denmark

Interior design
- 07 Feb 2018 -
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Interior design

I recently bought this rare bar and drink cabinet It's marked with Danish furniture makers control. Inside the fridge is the text: DAN-BAR. Does anyone know who the designer is and or producer. Thanks in advance!

Mid century vintage drink and bar cabinet, Denmark
shelving & storage
1950 - 1959


- 07 Feb 2018

Dan Bar is just the fridge. It was made by somebody in the Danish Furnituremakers’ Control club.

Take some more photos of the ugly parts like the back, underside, hinges...

And take a close up of the handles.

- 08 Feb 2018

I saw the Hans Olsen attribution on a couple of sites too but it's not listed as one of his designs in the Danish design index, so I thought maybe it was one of those internet myths that spread from one dealer to to the next. Or not, I dunno.

- 08 Feb 2018

The person at ScandinavianMod is pretty good, so that is a good sign, but not perfect. I would take that as a strong lead and try to find some documentation to back it up. Brande was not very reliable with marking pieces, but I would start by trying to find a marked piece, as that would confirm half the story.

- 08 Feb 2018

The design index is far from being complete. So I wouldn’t rule out an ID because it’s not in there.

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