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Mogensen chairs?

- 13 Nov 2017 -
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Two of these chairs were bought in Denmark two years ago. The seller said the chairs were designed by Mogensen. Can anyone confirm? Thank you.

Mogensen chairs?


- 14 Nov 2017

I think it is much more likely to be Christian Hvidt (son of Peter Hvidt) or maybe Kai Lyngfeldt Larsen. It looks more influenced by Mogensen than Mogensen, at least to me, but what do I know?

- 14 Nov 2017

If I know anything, I would say you know a fair amount about Mogensen, Leif.

- 14 Nov 2017

Unfortunately, when it comes to accuracy in attribution (and price), 1st Dibbs is a notorious offender.

It all comes down to whether you really want to know who designed the chair, or you just want to gather evidence that supports your desires. If you are looking for the former, then you really need to find some literature (Søborg catalogs, magazines, books, etc.) that definitively states who the designer is. This is not an easy task, and when combined with monetary aspirations, makes attributing an unidentified Søborg chair to the most famous designer for that particular company, easy.

I agree with Leif, all three men named above (including Peter, who I believe also designed for Søborg), are just as likely candidates as Børge at this point.

- 14 Nov 2017

Thank you, Leif and Zephyr. I like the chairs and want to learn more about them. I really just want to learn, I don't want the designer to be Mogensen.

I've tried to find the chairs on the Design Museum Danmark furniture index (, searching by manufacturer Soborg, and also by designer: Mogensen, Christian Hvidt, Peter Hvidt, and Kai Lyngfeldt Larsen. I see some similar designs, especially by Mogensen and Christian Hvidt, but I haven't found an exact match.

Thank you for your help!

- 14 Nov 2017

I have a rather large collection of Søborg catalogs and it isn't in any of them. It must have only been produced for a very short period of time. That period of time was probably in the mid 1960s, but I suppose it is possible it could have been as late as the early 1970s. It was not any earlier though.

- 14 Nov 2017

Actually let me revise that. I think the most likely time period is the very late 1960s or early 1970s. The plywood slat seat just does not look much like the mid-1960s to me.

- 14 Nov 2017

The DFC portion of the label says that it is earlier than mid 1970s, since the word 'quality' was not added to it yet. The Søborg label itself, I do not know the definite dates of use, unfortunately, but they did use this label on 1960's production, at a minimum.

- 14 Nov 2017

Zephyr: Do you have good documentation that the word quality was added in the mid-1970s? The closest I have been able to come to pinning down an actual date is that the USA trademark changed in 1983. And it seems reasonable to believe that this happened a bit after it changed in Denmark. For instance, the organization began in 1959 and the USA trademark was not filed until maybe 1962. Of course the world of 1962 was very, very different than 1983, so it is hard to make too much of an inference.

However, it does seem likely that it changed later than the mid-1970s in Denmark if it took until 1983 to change it in the USA. In short I think I would likely consider the entire 1970s as candidates for production.

And the similarities to other known Christian Hvidt designs are why I put him at the beginning of my list. He was designing for Søborg in the mid-1970s, too. He might have been the main/only designer?

- 14 Nov 2017

The Søborg logo is a later one. Based on the catalogs, it was used from around 1965 onward.

I have also read that the DFMC logo was changed somewhere in the second half of the 70s. Don't remember where I did though.

The Søborg vintage catalogs used to be available on the brand's website. Last time I have checked (yesterday), the site was down. Does someone know if the company still around?

- 26 Nov 2017

I tried some Google searches to find catalogs from Soborg Mobelfabrik from the 1970s, but no luck. Maybe someone will share them online someday and I'll be able to learn more.

Thanks everyone for your help!

- 26 Nov 2017

I have one from 1976. Rest assured, I have checked every Søborg catalog I know of: 1958, 1962, 1964, 1966, 1976. Nada.

You might also try finding an email address for the Jacobsen family who were running Søborg until recently. They seemed to be fairly helpful with questions about vintage production. I would be surprised if one of them remembers the chair and who designed it.

- 11 Dec 2017

Dear Orca & the expert Leif

I m new to this blog and decided to join as I have been seeking for the production period for Soberg chair that I have been passed-on and I cannot find any record on google search. I wondered if you have had came across or has more details on the design.

I believe, that the discussed chair is designed is by Mogensen, as his signature proportion and wood joinery is well-recorded as evident in his chair designed for Fredericia model BM-2254 (in late 1950s).

Similarly, the chair that I have; has the same label as of Orca's chair. Also the proportion of the design and wood joinery is remarkably Mogensen. The difference is that my has oak veneer plywood on back rest. As for the manufacturing date I don't know. Please feel free to fill me it on the records and information you have. The chair would have been in Thailand before early 1970s

I have enclosed image of my chair and also the Fredericia BM-2254 .

THank you for reading and spending time to reply.

(Bangkok, Thailand)

- 11 Dec 2017

Christian Hvidt designed pieces for Søborg in the 1970s that have fingerjoints tha look remarkably like the ones on the armrest of this chair. I would put him forward as the leading contender, at this point.

Mogensen’s work is actually very well documented compared to his other famous contemporaries like Wegner and Juhl. And this chair is not in there.

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