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Name the chairs' designer!

- 14 Nov 2012 -
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Does anyone know who designed these chairs? Or who the producer might be? I've searched high and low and cannot come up with the answer! Any clues would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

Name the chairs' designer!


- 14 Nov 2012

Hi ...
... Bramin is correct, but H.W. Klein is worth discussing.

- 14 Nov 2012

Wow !
I got all excited when I saw two answers come in, so thank you so much! This is the first time I've put a question on the forum. So Bramin Mobler is a sure deal, you both agree? It's the top / back of those chairs that throws me off, I can't find another one like it. I've just looked at a H.W. Klein chair on Deconet, the top of the chair is somewhat similar, but still, not quite the same. I'm looking...

- 14 Nov 2012

Hi ...
... definitely Bramin, but with the utmost probability not H.W. Klein.

- 14 Nov 2012

another one..
Hi there,

Here's another one: I know it's a chair by De Ster, but who's the designer?? Any help is much appreciated!

Cheers, Rabr

- 15 Nov 2012

Ah, the De Ster chair... an interesting one. My apologies for not being able to give you a reliable answer. I bet the other respondents who offered information to my questions are by far more knowledgeable than am I to answer your question. Still, I'll keep it in mind as I currently find myself researching seemingly endless numbers of questions concerning the different designers. I just might come across your chair.

As for the chairs in my photos, and the answers that the producer is Bramin, but the conflicting views: they are or they are not a W.H. Klein model, I landed on a website where they show eight chairs that they claim are by W.H. Klein and they show the producer's name, Bramin, below the chairs. I was able to find this thanks to the two respondents who answered my questions! The chairs look pretty close to exactly the ones I've been questioning. (but they're in teak, mine are in palissandre)I've added two photos of those chairs. They figure on the havas-antiquites website where there are quite a few more photos including one showing the producer.I hope I'm not breaking the rules here because on that website, there are prices indicated, I merely wish to share my surprise of finding chairs that seem to be the same ones in my photos, especially since a certain disagreement as to the designer has already been expressed.

Also, does anyone know whether Bramin still exists? And under the same name? I have not yet been able to find a website for them, even looking on And two more questions: if the producer's name does not show up below the chairs, does that mean that they are not 'real' Klein, Juhl, Wegner et cetera chairs? Or were all designers chairs actually produced by various producers? Hope this wasn't too long for the forum. Again, this is my first experience here!

- 15 Nov 2012

Concerning De Ster, maybe the company pulled in young or just graduated students who designed this furniture for them.
Often this 'danish' inspired furniture was designed anonymously, often too by well known designers or architects, but outside their more personal work.
This happened at Fristho, but also at Topform for instance.
Designers did it for the money or the step up, I think.

- 30 Mar 2016

Just picked up a set of four of these Bramin chairs. The wood frames are in excellent shape. The black vinyl upholstery is also in good shape, but with wrinkles due to disintegrated foam. With a tight staple and trim job underneath, I'll probably reupholster with new material.

I was unable to determine one way or the other if HW Klein was the designer. Marie seemed pretty confident in 2012 that he was not, but no explanation as to why.

In trying to come up with a descriptive term for the backrest design, I'm leaning towards "fox-eared" over "horned".

- 08 Dec 2016


While the chairs are no longer in my possession, the confirmation of the designer now is; compliments of a museum curator in Bramming, Denmark, named Mogens Hansen (not a bad first and last name for someone into Danish furniture).

He has a 50th anniversary book (1911-1961) issued by Bramin/NA Jorgensens, which identifies these chairs as model number 212, and designed by . . . H.W. Klein. Being included in this book also places the most likely year of design in the 1950's.

As a further tease, the cover of the book has a couple of sketches of another Bramin chair design (these ones still in my possession which I refer to as Egyptian Bambi chairs) that I have been trying to confirm as Klein-designed as well. Hopefully, Mr Hansen will be able to find a reference to that chair inside the book.

- 08 Dec 2016

Dearest cdsilva,

I think that you qualify for a "Design Addict Annual Award*" this holiday season for all of your informative postings. I do.

*Must be present to claim. Not safe for children. Additional taxes may apply. See leif for details.


Aunt Mark

- 08 Dec 2016

Dear A.M.,

If the award looks like this, then I happily accept. I will be present to claim.

- 08 Dec 2016

Nicely done!

I see I get to be the small print man. It is a job I was born for I suppose.

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