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Nanna Ditzel chairs + mid-century modern teak dining table and credenza

- 19 Apr 2017 -
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Hi all, I am not a furniture lover, but have 6 vintage Nanna Ditzel dining chairs, a credenza and a dining table which I cannot identify. These were given to me by my grandparents years ago, and now I realize that there are people out there who love these things. Everything's in good condition and original, my grandparents barely used them. I'm looking to sell them, but am wondering what their approximate value could be. I've attached photos of the stickers on the chairs and table. Any thoughts are welcome.

Nanna Ditzel chairs + mid-century modern teak dining table and credenza
chairs & stools


- 19 Apr 2017

You should check the sort of venue where you intend to sell the pieces for value. For example, if you intend to sell on eBay, check on eBay.

The table is Ole Gjerløv-Knudsen for France and Søn. Mid 60s.

I don't see the credenza anywhere?

- 19 Apr 2017

And I forgot that Torben Lind was the co-designer of the dining table. It also has a name: Tamoi table. And it is model number 550.

According to the catalog the base is Wengé wood, and while I can't tell in the photos if that is indeed true, it is the right dark color for Wengé.

- 20 Apr 2017

Rule #3 under basic rules identifies that the forum does not do valuations, but I am not sure there is a really good way to do one for you anyways. As Leif said, you really need to know the venue you plan to sell the pieces. Ebay will be different than at auction, which will be different than in a retail situation, which will be different than Craigslist. Of course, where you are located adds further complexities, and condition will also play a part. They look like they are in good condition in the photos, and you say they are in good condition, but both photos and people lie (not saying you are, just generally), and without a buyer being able to inspect them, that also plays a part. Further more, what the average person sees as nothing major, a collector will see as a major flaw. So as you see, just giving you a valuation is not as simple as quoting you a number.

As Leif said, checking online sales forums for the same pieces, and the prices that have sold for, will give you a decent idea. Do not use 1st Dibbs, as this is really overpriced, by typically like 300% of what the realistic market value is. Pamono, Charish, etc. tend to be better, but are often also priced much higher than you can actually expect. Just because someone is listing something at a certain price, does not mean it has ever been in the past, or will be sold for that price. You really need actual sold listings.

All this being said, if you are anywhere near Chicago-Milwaukee, I would be happy to give you a valuation and purchase some of these items from you.

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