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Need Help ID Scandinavian 80's 90's Desk Lamp Logo

Product design
- 06 Dec 2017 -
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Product design

EDIT: I apologise for the phots being loaded sideways. I just spent a good 45 min trying to fix it and it just won't work. Yesterday i had the same issue and eventually I was able to load them properly, but today seems to be different...

I don't expect this to be some kind on rarity, but it could turn out to be decent and interesting find. I recently bought this lamp in Europe. It kinda seems like an Ikea product, but then again it appears to have maker's logo that I was not able to identify. I am only saying it is Danish because it has a Danish made Transdania transformer. Does anyone recognize the logo or design/maker? The base is heavy steel painted white.

Need Help ID Scandinavian 80's 90's Desk Lamp Logo
1980 - 1989


- 06 Dec 2017

No markings/stamps in the metal underneath the base?

- 06 Dec 2017

All of those markings are compliance markings, sorry.

The diamond with the Roman numeral 3 (III) in it, means that the lamp is a class 3 electrical device according to IEC/EN standards. This means the lamp itself operates at SELV, safety extra low voltage.

The power supply (part that plugs into the outlet) is made by "Tradania Denmark" a power supply manufacturer. The power supply is obviously European, as its input is 220VAC/50Hz (the mains electrical in Europe, and elsewhere). Its output is 12V DC and 20 Watts (or 20 Volt-Amps, 1.6 Amps). It has ingress protection level of "4" for dust particles, no water ingress protection (IP40). It is a class II electrical device, which is double insulated (square inside a square). The rest of the markings are certification marks from various European agencies, and model/date-codes.

- 06 Dec 2017

Thank you for your observations! At least I know the that those aren't logos.

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