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Never seen before fritz hansen chair.

- 12 May 2017 -
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I cannot find info this one anywhere.

The legs are triangle shaped and the top of the plywood frame flows over into the legs almost seamless.

I can't find anything on it except for a red fritz hansen stamp.

The build quality is very very good, I do think it's real.

Does anyone know more?

Never seen before fritz hansen chair.
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- 13 May 2017

This is a delta chair, designed by Burkhard Vogtherr for FH in 1983. What is odd is that they are supposed to be painted in black.

- 13 May 2017

Many thanks for the information! Even google doesn't know alot about this chair haha, you are a true professional.
Now I have to decide if I will buy it for 150€ :(
Will probably do it tho.

Thanks alot!

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