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Niels Moller Mid Century Modern Teak Dining Chair

- 10 Jan 2017 -
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Hello all,

I'm looking to purchase a Niels Moller chair from a seller who lives in another province (I'm in Canada). I'm hoping that the attached images will help to verify it's authenticity. The rope was recently redone. It does have a stamp on the bottom that says "Made in Denmark". That's the only identifying text on it. It's my understanding that these chairs may have had a plate on them which contains additional info, but many have fallen off over time. I know that there is a company in Australia that makes a "fake"versions of these chairs, so I'm approaching this purchase with caution. Any help?

Niels Moller Mid Century Modern Teak Dining Chair


- 10 Jan 2017

It is my experience that the minority of these chairs actually have a medallion. The early ones were unmarked and the later ones were marked with a stamp. Often times that stamp is faint, incomplete, and hidden under nails.

It looks right to me. If you can provide some more photos and the mark I would happy to look at them.

- 10 Jan 2017

I would not worry too much about the authenticity of these chairs. If they were fakes, they just would not have a fainted "made in Denmark" stamp.

If you do a quick google search, you can see that Møllers has used many different markings over time.

I second Leif. They look legit to me too.

- 10 Jan 2017

Now that thee are more photos I can tell you the chair still looks correct.

I only know of one maker of knockoffs of this chair in Australia, and his chair is not consistent with it. It is consistent with Møller production.

I have never seen that particular stamp on a Møller before, so that is yet another marking.

There are production differences that started to appear over time. One is the thickness of the backrest. Another is the amount of shaping at the tops of th front leg. The other differences are much more obvious on the matching 55 armchair. With the 71 the differences are so subtle it is easiest to see them with different chairs side by side. Anyway my point is that I think you might have an earlier chair.

- 10 Jan 2017

i understand these are moller chairs. where they designed by Hovmand Olsen?

- 10 Jan 2017

For the first decade, approximately, of production they were credited to Hovmand Olsen universally. Then for a brief period in the early 60s hey were credited to Hovmand Olsen & N.O. Møller jointly. Then the credit changed to N.O. Møller.

I believe that the proper understanding of this unusual phenomenon is that Arne Hovmand Olsen was commissioned to draw the chair, but Møller was the copyright holder. (Most commonly the person who drafted the chair was the copyright holder, but everything has a price). Møller for reasons of advertising used the Hovmand Olsen's name for a while. Then, once he had made a name for himself as a designer, he started using his own name.

There is some speculative reconstruction in my understanding of the phenomenon, but it was not limited to this design or company. There are other documented examples. Finn Juhl even drafted a chair for France and Søn which fits with the theory.

You also have to examine exactly what you mean by "designed". The Danes in the era had a nuanced and different understanding than the one I started with.

- 10 Jan 2017

Thank you very much I was wondering since i saw the chair in a new book on Fristho with the name Olsen as designer it was licensed to Fristho fro 1954 to 1964 by Möller
wich explains , after your comment, the olsen name
there was also some discussion amongs collegues (congulega's in dutch amix of competitor and colegue)
now we know!

- 10 Jan 2017

I would be curious to see a photo of the page in this book...?

- 11 Jan 2017

Hello all,

Thank you very much for the comments, historical insight and research data. Extremely helpful. I will move forward with the purchase of this char and update soon.

- 11 Jan 2017


What is the name of the book?

- 11 Jan 2017

Bert Looper
Fristho ‘vooruitstrevende meubelen’ 1921-1978
mid-century modern in Nederland
gebonden / full colour / 144 pagina’s
ISBN 978-90-5615-226-78
publisher Boxmeer

or Google Book Fristho and you can find it yourself

- 11 Jan 2017

The Fristho name is very interesting and has answered a long standing question with me.

Many years ago I was offered a set of Moller 71's. When I went to view them some of the chairs looked a little 'off'. A couple of them had ever so slightly larger proportions than the other Moller chairs within the collection.

When I looked underneath they were marked as 'Made In Holland Under License'. I actually passed on the chairs but I wished I had bought them as curios as I have never seen them again since.

To the OP, those chairs look fine, I would not worry about authenticity.

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