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Ole Wanscher Rocking horse chair wood ID???

- 22 Aug 2015 -
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I just found a wonderful 50's Ole Wanscher rocking horse style chair (john Stewart NY) in a very unusual wood I am unable to identify. It is not teak as most were and does not appear to be rosewood. Some of it is cross cut with a very intense grain. I will add a picture later, but am wondering if anyone has seen or is aware of a different wood used in the production of these chairs. The France & Daverkosen Label Danmark John Stewart NYC imprint is intact. Fabric is definitely 1950's. Anyone have an idea??? I will add a photo when I get to the office

United States
chairs & stools
1950 - 1959


- 23 Aug 2015

We need photos. The more the better, and sharp and close up.

I've never seen or heard of France and Søn production using exotics other than teak and rosewood, so I am curious what you have.

- 23 Aug 2015

Gotta be beech!

Leif will be back to correct me, no doubt.


- 23 Aug 2015

here are a few pics of the wood. Any input would be welcomed. The first picture is the France & Jon Stuart imprint

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