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Orrefors chandelier?

Interior design
- 06 Feb 2018 -
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Interior design

Does anyone know if this is an Orrefors chandelier? It looks like it is to me but there’s no marking or labels anywhere and I haven’t been able to find it by googling.

Orrefors chandelier?


- 07 Feb 2018

I'm gonna go with no just based on its having those big clips that hold the glass parts in place. Orrefors lighting that I've seen has small decorative screws.

- 07 Feb 2018


Wouldn't Orrefors use bronze mounts? The above model appears to sport brass. And the chain has no girth.

I'm usually wrong,

Aunt Mark

- 07 Feb 2018

I bought it in Finland and I can’t find any Finnish company that made this sort of thing, so it’s a bit of a mystery. If it’s not Orrefors then they’ve copied the chain, cup and some other metal parts that Orrefors used in the 60s pretty closely. Orrefors used various metals from what I can see, so I’m not sure the brass is an issue.

- 07 Feb 2018

Maybe you could try emailing Orrefors. Sometimes companies have a person or two who can verify vintage pieces.

- 07 Feb 2018

I did a quickGoogle search for Finnish lighting manufacturers and stumbled on the link below:

This person states that some manufacturers( in Finland) " bought " lamp models from abroad.

Have you checked out for a range of scanned, vintage documents from Stockmann Orno, Idman Oy, Itsu Oy and Valinte Oy? It is interesting how many of the lamps are like well known designs from other European countries /designers !!!



- 08 Feb 2018

Thanks everyone for your help. Lexi, I haven’t looked at your links yet but I think you’re onto something. I was also thinking that presumably a company such as Orrefors would buy in the metal and lamp parts from a supplier. Orrefors as such just made and designed glass and crystalware, they might have been assembled in house but I doubt they manufactured all the parts. I have some knowledge of manufacturing and it makes me think that some of the parts on my light are from the same supplier that Orrefors used. Anyway, thanks again everyone.

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