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Paolo Piva Alanda | Fake or real?

- 12 Dec 2011 -
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Hi, Can someone tell me if this Alanda table by Paolo Piva is real or fake? The sellers thinks it's real but bought is used without any papers. And what are the guidelines to check if this table is genuine or not? Thanks in advance!

Paolo Piva Alanda | Fake or real?


- 12 Dec 2011

looks good to me.

Papers ? what are you expecting ? a file...receipt ...certificate of authenticity ?

- 12 Dec 2011

Doesn't look good to me.
Here's a genuine B&B Italia table. Notice the feet and the corners.

- 12 Dec 2011

maybe Ive only seen a copy but the one I saw the feet could come off and it used suction pads in the corners....just my 2 cents but ive only seen one of these tables in real life.

- 13 Dec 2011

Hmmm thanks for the feedback...
Hmmm thanks for the feedback guys. I managed to get an extra photo

- 13 Dec 2011

looks just like the one I...
looks just like the one I had with the double bar around the top...also looks like others showing up online as Alanda tables.

How much are they asking ...ballpark ..?

- 13 Dec 2011

Price is 250 euro (350 USD)....
Price is 250 euro (350 USD). I need a genuine piece, no remake / replica for me.

- 13 Dec 2011

Seems like a good price, I...
Seems like a good price, I dont have the relevant expertise to say 100% its a B&B Alanda but it is the same table I sold as an Alanda.

The one I bought had some remnants of plastic feet on it when I got it but I whipped them off making it look like the one you are showing.

Mine also has holes in the corner for suction pads. I saw one copy / look-a-like table before a\nd what it lacked was the bars up the top that join the centre circle to the other areas....yours has this so its not the same as the one other copy Ive seen.

I believe the alanda has been discussed here before...Use the search box up and to the right to check former threads.

Good Luck.

- 29 Feb 2012

Alanda coffee table.....
Hi there,

The quest for an original table is going to be long and hard but if you are seeking the real deal it will be worth it the table in question is a fake, the original table has no double bars, no suction pads and definitely no removable feet lol, I should know because I purchased my first one in 1985 from Heals Tottenham Ct Road for £395.00
The beauty of the design was that the weight of the crystal glass would keep the table stable, but ocassionaly
it would slip and slide a little if knocked.

The original table measures a wopping 47ins by 47ins square, approx 12ins high. BB italia, Pablo Piva the Designer also produced 2 other variations of the table.

You will get one but you will have to be patient; It will not be cheap either expect to pay @ least £1500.00 and that
may need restoration. I hope you find this info useful in your quest for the table..



- 02 Jun 2013

piva table height 10.5 or 12 inches?
hi, i was reading the thread regarding the fake vs real paolo piva coffee table (B&B italia - alanda). i am looking at a used one now that is only 10.5 inches high -- the earlier thread seemed to indicate the original design was 12 inches. was the lower height another version (same 47 inches square) or an indication that it is a reproduction? all other appearances seem genuine.

separately, does anyone know of good ways to polish/buff out slight scratches in glass (reasonably) or is that just something that is what it is.

thanks all.

- 03 Jun 2013

Don't be duped as definitely...
Don't be duped as definitely a fake as I have owned them too.Fastfwd's image is correct as the foot has a round closed steel washer type bit and round rubber feet sunken slightly into it.
The real one does not have a tiny steel triangle in the cnr.I think the glass was 10mm but never less.The edge of the glass was a slight cove as with most vintage glass tops but for some reason it's not done on glass tops anymore.Usually copies have a square edge to their glass.
The original pads under the glass were little felt circles instead of the silicon you see today.I am 90% they were green rather than black.
Regardless what you are told or what some sell for these details are only on the genuine ones.

- 03 Jun 2013

Also not sure if it was just...
Also not sure if it was just the thickness or coved edge but the glass seemed to have that green tinge you see on quality glass and you can clearly see this difference in the fake and genuine image posted by fastfwd.The glass may have been 12mm instead of 10mm too and damn heavy.
By the way I had 1200mm square which had beautiful proportions.It was fairly low which made it look so cool.The fake ones look plain wrong as they are usually higher.Once you see the real one in person you can spot a fake easily.

- 14 Apr 2014

another real or fake question
yesterday i found this Paolo Piva ? Alanda coffee table.
The measures looks good 120cm x 120cm x 26cm (25,7cm) , the glass is 12mm, roundet in the edge with a little chamfer and green cast.
The feeds are round steel, ca 1,5 cm diameter, with a smaller plastic slide.
Looks good to me, but i`m not sure?...??

Thanks for thoughts!

- 14 Apr 2014

the edge of the glass
and the small pads between glass and steel,looks exactly like this

- 16 Apr 2014

for your assessment, fastfwd !
Here is a detail pic of the feet and a pic of his new home ;-)

- 01 Aug 2014

Looking for paolo piva b&b italia 120-120
Hello here, im looking for a table (no fake) paolo piva b&b Italia 120-120. Can somebody help me?

- 30 Aug 2014

I have one at home
This is a wonderful table 120cmX120cm and have owned one for 17 years. It is about 25cm high. The value of the table is really the original italian glass - about 3/4in. thick and ever so slightly green. The corners are indeed rounded, but completely round (still with a bit of an edge). The glass top is very heavy and expensive to manufacture. The frame with a non-original top is just not the same. A few years ago there were lots or reproductions in the market.I think it cost about $1800 back in 1997.

- 27 Jul 2016

Hello everybody,
I'm on the point to buy a Paolo Piva Alanda.
Is anybody can help me ?
Is this real ?
Size is 100x100.
Thanks a lot in advance :)

- 16 Aug 2016

Hello again, Is anybody van tel' me The different sizes of the Alanda table produced by B&B Italia ? Does 80x80cm exists ? Is this One geniune ?

- 17 Aug 2016

Nashmmk, look at the photo I posted of the genuine article in comment #3, above. See how it differs from the table you just posted?

- 08 Aug 2017

Hello everybody!

I'm looking for a Paolo Piva genuine table and I've found this one... Is it a genuine one?
size:100x100x25 cm

Thank you very much!!!

- 13 Aug 2017

Hello, Delfien. Nothing in your photos looks wrong to me.

- 11 Oct 2017

Thank you very much for your help but the table was already sold...
I have found another one.
What do you think about this one? Is it a genuine one?

Thank you very much!!!

- 12 Oct 2017

You've combined photos of two tables (and a lamp). The table on the wooden floor looks authentic; the table on the tile floor is a knockoff.

- 09 Feb 2018

Hello everybody,
I'm looking for a Paolo Piva genuine table. Can you help me to identify the real/not table i founded in internet..
Thanks a lot in advance!

- 10 Feb 2018

Thank you waldorf!
I will keep looking for good one)

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