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Paolo Piva Alanda - fake or real (again!)

Interior design
- 28 Nov 2017 -
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Interior design


I know there are many threads on this topic and I have read them all. Just really want to make sure, with your expertise, if my new table is fake or real.

I’m leaning toward fake after reading but would love a second opinion.

So thanks in advance for advice.

I still love the table but it’s more the pricing I’m curious about (I paid ca 1100 €) and if I ever will sell it it would be good to know how to label it.

It measures 80x80cm and is 30cm high. Please see pictures for details.


Paolo Piva Alanda - fake or real (again!)
1980 - 1989


- 01 Dec 2017

unfortunately it's not an original one...

- 01 Dec 2017

I'm french and i own 3 different Alanda tables of Paolo Piva, how can you tell if it's real or not?

Here's one of them.

Thank you

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