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Peter Hvidt? Table

- 21 Jul 2015 -
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I wondered if anyone had any ideas about this coffee table. Certain details, such as the notches at the top of the legs, joints just below the turn of the legs, and notched top are very similar to Peter Hvidt tables, but haven't seen any previously with a stretcher, or glass top. No makers label, just some old staples that previously held a label.

Any thoughts?

Peter Hvidt? Table
1960 - 1969


- 22 Jul 2015

It is hard to imagine that France and Søn produced a model never before seen (or at least I've never seen it) AND did not mark it. Most of their production is pretty well known, because it sold well. And they were nearly perfect at marking it.

So, despite the strong resemblance to a known Hvidt & Mølgaard for France and Søn, it is probably not.

- 22 Jul 2015

Hi Lief
Thanks for the response. There are signs of an old label, but rectangular, and I guess France and Sons pieces would always have a round disc right?

- 22 Jul 2015

There really ought to be two. The disc, which is set in a shallow hole, and the physically impressed FF or FD with gold paint in the impression.

There is evidence that France and Søn failed to mark two or three pieces. So there are probably more, but it is an incredibly small percentage.

But when you combine those incredibly small odds with the small odds of a completely new, glass topped model from a Framce and Søns high period in the mid and early 60s, it is way, way too unlikely.

Does it disassemble? As in for shipping it flat?

- 22 Jul 2015

I guess its not Hvidt then, just in the style of.
It doesn't disassemble. Thanks a lot for your help

- 22 Jul 2015

Hi Sam
Indeed, very similar to the construction of that one, but with a stretcher. The stretcher is certainly original, but every chance that the glass top is a later addition. John Stuart is the US importer right? I bought this one in UK.

- 22 Jul 2015

Leif, I notice that the on the one that Sam posted, the labels are both on the top. Perhaps it's a pukka Hvidt base with a new glass top? Thoughts?

- 23 Jul 2015

It could well be the base to a Hvidt & Mølgaard table that lost the top and consequently lost the marks. On a teak top table, I would expect one mark on one under side near the edge, and the other mark diametrically opposite. Of course I've never looked under one of these particular France and Søn tables, but that is how they do it on the others I've seen.

I can check my catalog about the stretcher. I don't really know about that question....

- 23 Jul 2015

No stretchers in my catalog. I also dug up another specimen:

And this table is very, very different. The socket shaped terminations of the legs flare out on the correct table, which is a pretty important detail. Also the underside of the table top has a completely different structure. And there are brass screws on the apron underneath.

This is not an original, even though I don't know what it is.

- 23 Jul 2015

Thanks very much for your time Lief, that's really useful

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