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Please Help with ID of This Chair

- 11 Dec 2012 -
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I picked it up last weekend does not have any marking - could it be Danish?


- 11 Dec 2012

Thank you Leif Ericson
That is what I thought too but I was not sure.

- 11 Dec 2012

maybe? The back and seat are very similar to chairs I have seen by them. Plus they used those proud plugs as well.

- 11 Dec 2012

I agree
it too looks American and something typical of Gunlocke. Moreover, I will attempt to look for a match via the web. Blessings

- 11 Dec 2012

It doesn't have Gunlocke's blocky armrests, which would lead me not to focus exclusively on Gunlocke. To be clear I don't think it rules out Gunlocke, but makes the likelihood of a positive Gunlocke identification low.

The grain on the armrest is unusual. It looks like a species I know it is not. Close-up shots of the wood might help determine what it is, which might help id the chair.

And where are you? (I assume the US, since it looks like an American chair, but if you aren't in the US, that would be interesting).

- 11 Dec 2012

Here Some More Pics of The Chair
Thank you all, leif ericson,waffle,Lenox. Leif, you are correct I live in US and I bought this here and again, thank you for your keen knowledge and contribution - I am learning little by little.

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