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Please help me identify this bookcase and secretaire. Pastoe?

Interior design
- 19 Oct 2014 -
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Interior design

Dear all,

I recently bought this bookcase and I am very happy with it! I am trying to do some research on the internet to get to know a bit more about the age and origin of the cabinet. I found it online somewhere and it was sold as a Pastoe from the 60s but I couldn't find confirmation anywhere so now I hope you guys can help me.

The cabinet is built up from three different parts and has a total hight of approximately 1,80 meter. The middle part opens as a desk and is white on the inside. The handles are black with copper. On the back of the parts is a number in the wood, different and quite big.

Any information is welcome, I am looking foreward hearing from you!

shelving & storage
1960 - 1969

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