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Poul Cadovius odd sizes?

Graphic design
- 29 Oct 2015 -
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Graphic design

Hello all,

For some time now my wife and I have been in love with the Poul Cadovius wall unit.

We are now considering buying one on ebay. It's in two parts : one with shelves and a small cabinet and one with only shelves. The one with only shelves is only 70 centimeters wide, the other one is 80 centimeters.

80 cm seems a normal width but nowhere on the internet can we find any shelves of 70 cm wide. This makes us doubt if it's genuine.

Can anyone please comment on this?

Thanks already!


shelving & storage


- 30 Oct 2015

Here's some pictures of the unit.

Could anyone see if it's an original?


- 30 Oct 2015

Having sold lots of Royal system through the years it is possible that a narrow shelf was made and it is listed in the catalogue as being available in widths of 50 - 60 - 70 - 80cm.

see scanned catalogue

- 31 Oct 2015

Thanks for your answer. Seen your experience, could you let us know if it is a genuine Cadovius?

- 09 Nov 2015

We have purchased and succesfully installed it!

It looks really great and we're really happpy with it.

Thanks for your help.


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