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Puzzling sideboard from Cappellini - Hommage a Mondrian 2

Interior design
- 17 Feb 2017 -
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Interior design

Dear all, I'm writing you because I cannot understand whether this sideboard (see picture) that I could buy for a very good price is original or not. To me it looks not original because of the weird dimensions : 60x64x42, while on the home page of cappellini it says it is: 112x116x40 One issue is that the woman that is selling it wants to ship it to me, so I won't have the possibility to check for original stickers or whether it is very heavy as the original one or not.

What do you think?

I wrote cappellini to ask whether they are aware of any unauthorized copy, but I did not get any answer.

Any opinion is very highly appreciated.

Thank you and have a nice day,


Puzzling sideboard from Cappellini - Hommage a Mondrian 2
2000 - 2009


- 17 Feb 2017

Hi Ernest.

I have to agree with SDR, likely a knock-off. It looks too virgin, the dimensions are odd, and no markings/tags.

3 strikes. Pass.


Aunt Mark

ps I like it, though. buy it/ use it/ sell it/ upgrade it. And don't forget to feed the birds. They are our friends.

pss I've been wrong before.

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