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Raak lamp help

- 30 Sep 2015 -
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I have recently come across a RAAK floor standing lamp.

It has RAAK 250 imprinted in the bottom. The lampshade moves up and down for height adjustment which is shown in the photographs that I have attached.

We have done some research but have not found anything like it so would like some identification or some value/information in regard to the lamp.

I have attached some photographs.

I hope someone can help!

Thank you


Raak lamp help
United Kingdom


- 02 Oct 2015

I just bought a really great lamp at a garage sale for $27, and your lamp is nowhere near as attractive. Your lamp is worth approximately zero dollars to me.

Dollar-wise, the lamp is worth whatever someone pays for it at a specific time.

You have to do your own work to sell the lamp, if that is your aim; pricing the lamp for sale is part of the process of selling the lamp. Have you ever bought something before? A principal rule of thumb is that generally a seller wants to at least double their cost. etc. etc. etc.

- 02 Oct 2015

I personally don't like the style... However we have found out that RAAK is a valuable designer from Amsterdam so although unattractive might be worth something :)

- 02 Oct 2015

if you search RAAK Amsterdam you will find the cost of lamps and will therefore understand why I am trying to gain some information.

- 02 Oct 2015

That's why I'm trying to gain some advice! It was in the house we recently moved into I'm sure you would be doing the same

- 02 Oct 2015

On the very first page of Google results there is a lamp very similar (purportedly RAAK 250) to yours advertised by some outfit at 90 Netherlandish currency tokens.

This does not necessarily indicate the value, but it is part of the story of the object's value.

Don't be so sure about what I would be doing
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