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Is that Roland Rainer?

Product design
- 28 Jan 2018 -
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Product design

Hi there,

does anybody know if those chairs are designed by Roland Rainer? I have the feeling that a lot of these Nesto chairs with the curved armrest are ascribed to him, but is he really that?

Is that Roland Rainer?
1960 - 1969


- 28 Jan 2018

Hi. Reiner was Austrian and designed this rocker for Thonet, an Austrian company. I am far from being an expert on the question but I guess it is safe to assume that anything that is not Thonet is not from Reiner. And then is certainly even safer to assume that Reiner did not design anything for Nesto, a Swedish company.

- 28 Jan 2018

It seems that only this chair is somehow connected to Thonet and Rainer. But I have seen also on such chairs a stamp from Hagafors. But did Thonet really made such rocking chairs? It is not their style in my opinion.

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