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Saarinen Oval Side Tables - Need ID

- 16 Jan 2018 -
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I'm interested in some oval side tables and they are not being advertised as real, in fact, the seller is claiming they are tulip "style" which is always a dead giveaway. But they look REALLY close to me with that nice swoopy thin base that isn't screwed into the top. There are no tags or markings so I'm thinking no, not real, but thought I'd double check with you experts!

What do you think? Real or should I save my money? They're not exactly cheap, but the price makes it more affordable than new or advertised authentic. I also don't want knock-offs as I want to build authentic true pieces over time. Thanks in advance for any help.

Saarinen Oval Side Tables - Need ID
coffee & side tables


- 16 Jan 2018

I should add, the bases are newly powdercoated and are iron. I just realized this and this is kind of a bummer as I'd rather have it in vintage condition...but maybe that helps identify. Thanks!

- 16 Jan 2018

Aunt Mark, you're a saint. Thank you! I'm going to hold out for the real deal...sigh. One day.

- 16 Jan 2018

It's a knock-off...methinks. It should be constructed of aluminum. Plus Knoll never issued an oval side table in marble. Only wood (oak, I think).

But I'm usually wrong.


Aunt Mark

- 17 Jan 2018

Real tables are iron. Knockoffs are not iron. Marble is overrated.
Pass because they're not a deal, they've been repainted, and seller is presumably yuppie scum.

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