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Scandinavian brass lamp with marking

Product design
- 14 Apr 2018 -
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Product design

Hello! I have this lovely lamp purchased at auction for a small fortune simply becuase I love the shape. There is a marking on one neck & im wondering if this could help with its provenance. I bought it from a Swedish auction house so this is my only starting point! Here are some images, look forward to your replies.

Scandinavian brass lamp with marking
United Kingdom
floor lamps


- 14 Apr 2018

I zoomed in on the mark. I can't even figure out what the letters are. I assumed from the small c that the first letter was an M, but it kinda looks more like an H.

Oh wait, the second thing is the British symbol for pounds. Duh. So what's that last thing? And is the vertical mark on the far right part of the last thing or is it just a reflection?

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