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Selig/Cintique lounge chair

- 06 Dec 2017 -
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Sorry if this shows twice as I am having trouble getting this to post. I have a Lounge chair marked Selig but with a Cintique spring system. I cannot find an example of the exact chair. It is very like the reclining chair by Kofod Larsen. Did they make a non-reclining verson? Did Kofod design for Cintique? Please help me figure this one out. Thanks!

Selig/Cintique lounge chair
United States


- 06 Dec 2017

The Selig catalog says that is the "Danish CINTIQUE Lounge Chair" And it says it was designed by Ib Kofod Larsen. It also subtitles it with "DANISH IMPORT GROUP" like the other known danish made chairs. Cintique was in the UK, right?

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