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Shelving unit. Cadovius? Bruksbø?

- 11 Aug 2017 -
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Good morning all! Can anyone help me ID this piece? Definitely Scandinavian but I have never seen this model...Possibly eastern European?

Shelving unit. Cadovius? Bruksbø?
shelving & storage
1960 - 1969


- 11 Aug 2017

It is from the late 60s at the earliest, based on the hardware. It is neither Cadovius nor Bruksbo (assuming that by Bruksbo you mean the Veggen De Luxe line). There are dozens of different wall units manufactured by Scandinavian companies. I've never seen this one before. It may be Norwegian, based on the styling and particularly the veneer work.

- 11 Aug 2017

My in-laws have a unit identical in walnut, it is marked "made in Yugoslavia". I'll try to get some photos of the markings uploaded soon.

- 11 Aug 2017

Hold on a second.......What makes you say that it is Scandinavian, or even European?

The side support rails look exactly like the Ello system, which I believe was made in Rockford, IL. I have one of their units. The case pieces on mine are walnut, and bit more clean in design, but it would not surprise me if they made a couple different styles. Take some pictures of the hardware, that holds the shelves and the case pieces, in place, that should help quite a bit.

- 12 Aug 2017

I was going to say the veneer looked like walnut to me anyway. Well sunned-walnut, but walnut nonetheless and that almost always makes me less inclined to think it's Scandinavian.

- 12 Aug 2017

I agree, I also think it is walnut. I have not seen the 'shaker-style' fronts, like on the OP's, but the side rails (stained beach I believe) are the same.

It would appear that not all Ello units were made in the US, this one says it was marked "Made in Yugoslavia." Mine is not marked anywhere that I can find, but is the same as the one pictured on the right in the photos:

I also attached some pictures of the manual that I came across which identified it as Ello.

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