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Sigurd Ressel and Falcon Chair

- 19 Sep 2006 -
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Norwegian Sigurd Ressel designed a very neat chair called a Falcon chair. I saw one, described it, and PodBoy amazingly connected my rambling description not only with the chair by Ressel but with a picture. See the link below. My question is this: Can anyone tell me about Sigurd Ressel and about any other items that he designed? Also, around when did he design the Falcon chair. To reiterate from my prior post, the amazing thing about this chair is how he manages to get lumbar support out of hammock style design. Quite remarkable. Designers of chairs should study this design IMHO. Its much more sophisticated than it looks. Any links to Ressel's other work would be much appreciated.



- 23 Sep 2006

Hi Simon, hi Don
Before you direct your admiration toward the wrong person, the designer of the Siesta is Ingmar Relling

- 10 Oct 2006

Falcon Chair by Sigurd Resell
The first of these Falcon chairs came with steel/chrome legs in 1970/1971. Because of the heavy weight and the new technology at the time (steaming and bending wood) the chair was fitted with lightweight glued lamell wood legs in 1974. This was a sucsess becaus the shippment cost was redused by 70%. The chair came in two sizes. A tall recliner style and a low lounge style. It also came with an ottoman and a glass table.

My favorite by far is the chrome edition wich resantly has experienced a price boom because of the retro look, espesially in Asia. I visited the Vatne Mobler factory this summer. The owner told me that after closing the productionline for this chair in the late 90s, the license automaticly went back to the disigner (Sigurd Resell). He sold the license to a guy in Norway who is fabricating the tall chair in Asia with black lether and chrome legs.

Vatne Mobler had some old chrome legs and brown lether pillows laying around. Ofcourse I bought them all! When I recived them I could understand why Sigurd Resell changed the design from steel to wood legs, the boxes where incredibly heavy. They came flat packed IKEA-style and were assambled only by 8 screwes under the seat. I think I used less than 3 minutes on the job.

Here is a picture of the falcon-type i bought.

(Sorry for my poor english)
Regards Spikersuppa

- 11 Oct 2006

Thanks for these insights...
I agree: the metal version is definitive.

- 17 Oct 2006

Vatne Mobler visit
Since you were just at the factory, I have a question. I have 2 falcon chairs I purchased in Norway in 1978. Rosewood with brown leather cushions. One of the front legs just snapped. Did the factory have any replacement wooden legs for the Falcon? Or would a metal frame fit the sling from the falcon chair from the 1970's? Please reply. Magne tusen takk!

- 23 Oct 2006

I have a mint brown leather...
I have a mint brown leather chair with the chrome frame. Could be pursuaded to part with it if anyone is interested!

- 27 Oct 2006

Hei Tricia
I didn't ask if they had any spare parts for the rosewood version of the Falcon Chair, but I'm visiting the factory again in desember and I could ask then if they have any spare parts. I think there were two types of rosewoodlegs in -78 so I need to know what colour rosewood your chairs are and if it is the tall or low type of chair.

You could also try to email your question to them at

The metal frame will fit your sling from -78, but on my visit the only had a few metal feet of the low version left.

There are always some of these rosewood chairs for sale on the net. In Scandnavia the price is approx 80 - 100 dollars.

- 02 Feb 2007

restore falcon?
I have 2 high back falcon chairs. The back section of the canvas sling is tearing in both. Is there anyone in australia able to restore them.

- 29 Oct 2009

Wooden Leg for Sigurd Resell Falcon Chair

does anybody know if it is possible to get single wooden legs for the Sigurd Resell Falcon Chair or if there is a way to repair them?
Thank you for your answer

- 01 Jan 2010

another person in search of a leg :o)
One of the front legs on one of my rosewood chairs was snapped last night...Id be grateful for any info on places that sell replacements etc

- 22 Jan 2010

Buying new from China?

I've tried to buy a second hand pair of chairs but Ebay is no luck, any tips?

Otherwise, where could I buy the newly manufactured chairs from China?



- 07 Feb 2010

Pair of Falcon chairs for sale I just saw a pair for sale in Toronto at Studio Pazo

- 01 Jun 2010

Any luck on a new leg?
I also need a new leg for one of my Falcon chairs. Did you have any luck finding one? Thanks for your help. Please email me if you did.

- 01 Jun 2010

I wonder if..
the SR coffee table legs has the same dimensions as the front legs of the chair?
If so, you could use as a replacement.

- 31 Jul 2010

Any luck on a new leg?
Hi Ive just had the same problem as you the front leg just snapped on my chair, did you ever find a replacement?

Thanks Karen

- 17 Aug 2010

Leather replacement for Falcon chairs
I have two Falcon chairs and an ottoman that I purchased in the mid 1980s in Maryland. I want to replace the leather seats and ottoman pad. Can anyone tell me the name of the leather, or where I can get the replacements? I live in upstate NY. Thanks, TM

- 30 Aug 2010

falcon chair with armrests
I just bought a chair with is very similar to the falcon , but
what I was wondering about is that our chair has got armrests.
Does anyone know, if this is also an original by Sigurd Ressel?
Thank you for any answer in advance.
I will post photos within the next days...
kind regards

- 14 Sep 2010

I have another variation on...
I have another variation on the theme - my two chairs have the chrome legs, high back brown leather cushions, but have leather straps connecting the cushions to the chrome, rather than the chrome pins - any ideas as to whether this is still a Sigurd Ressel chair, possibly an earlier version?

- 24 Sep 2010

Felcon Chair
How can I tell if the Felcon chair I have is a real 1970s model or one of the new ones being made in Asia. Mine is black leather high back with very heavy polished chrome legs. If it is a Asian version what are the worth and where do they sell them in the USA.

Funky Junkie

- 28 Dec 2010

Broken Leg
Hi Karen this is a message all the way from Australia - I too have a broken front leg to my beautiful Falcon Chair - did you have any luck sourcing one?

- 30 Jan 2011

Felcon Chair
I have a Felcon chair black with the chrome legs. How can I tell if it is from the early 1970s or a new one made in china in the 1990s. I can send you photos if you like.

Thank you


- 26 May 2011

Replacement leg Falcon chair
Hi Spikersuppa
I saw your posting from -06 about buying a bunch of Falcon chair legs. If you still have any available, I am looking for a front leg, preferably black...
If you would have one or know where I can find one, please let me know.

- 31 May 2011

missing buttons
Yesterday I bought two Falcons with the matching ottoman in Oslo. They are in good condition, but are missing alltogether 12 leather-buttons. Anyone knows where or how to get similar buttons?
They are wonderful chairs and i paid almost nothing for them- feel lucky!

- 17 Jun 2011

Falcon chair replacement leg
Hi, I'm also looking for a front replacement leg for my Falcon chair. Has anyone had any luck finding replacements?

- 08 Jul 2011

Falcon Chair
I need a rosewood front leg for one of my "Falcon" chairs. If anybody can help I will be eternally grateful. Will pay asking price.

- 17 Sep 2011

falcon chair (ressell)
I have a restorer who can duplicate these legs.
E-mail if interested.freddyfigg

- 08 Dec 2011

Replacement legs
Freddy Figg.

Whats your email address? I want to investigate replacement legs for the Falcon Chair.


- 08 Dec 2011

Falcon . . .
Here's a pic of my falcon chair & coffee table. The chair is missing a couple of the buttons & I'm not sure if the glass is original on the coffee table. Clear glass, would it of been smoked originally? Both items found in charity shops.

- 12 Dec 2011

I have a complete set of...
I have a complete set of replacement parts for a Falcon chair identical to the one in picture above.


It's located in Norway.

lars.fjetland at

- 08 Jan 2012

theres a replacement rear falcon chair leg on ebay
theres a replacement rear falcon chair leg on ebay in rosewood.

- 02 Jul 2012

falcon chair leg
I also am in need of a front rosewood leg. What is your email?

- 05 Jul 2012

Help with Falcon Chair
Hi there,
I have a falcon chair, which was fully restored (new leather and canvas), by Swiss Design of Warriewood, on Sydney's Northern Beaches. That said, ant decent upholsterer could do the job - ask at you local Danish furniture importer! Hope that helps. Cheers.

- 29 Sep 2012

Looking for a replacement front leg for a wooden falcon chair

I am also looking for a front leg for a falcon chair - I have the ottoman and the falcon chair but one front leg snapped on the falcon chair :
Have included a snap of the pair in happier times - it's one of the darker wood chairs.

- 07 Jul 2014

Hi there,

I am looking...
Hi there,

I am looking for 2 legs for Falcon ottoman. Wher is your restaurator located?


- 25 Jul 2014

restorer of falcon chair legs
Hi can you please advise on your email so I can found out your contact for Falcon legs in wood?& in which country are you situated

- 18 Aug 2014

Searching for rosewood ottomans
My wife and I recently purchased 2 mint condition high-backed, rosewood Falcon chairs. They are dark chocolate brown leather. We would love to find at least one matching ottoman. Two would be amazing.

Please contact me if you would be willing to part with one (or two).

- 22 Aug 2014

Falcon (or not Falcon) broken or not ?
@JMan; your's are not Falcon chairs, but a danish variant from the same period or early 80's (and i would say, a very "crafty" and lovely version compared even with the original Falcon of Resell/Vatne! Congrats:)

Others: I store some spare legs and canvases if the need is still around btw ?

- 25 Aug 2014

Front Leg
Hi Chronophage_oslo
I am looking for a front leg to replace a broken one.
Could you ship it to Berlin/Germany?
This would be wonderful!
You can contact me on detlev_spinell AT
Thank you so much

- 08 Dec 2014



I am also looking for a spare front leg for my Falcon Sigurd Ressel Chair. Please tell me if you still have one. Thank you ! 

- 06 Nov 2015

Hi Chronophage_oslo

Do you have a spare leg for an Falcon ottoman?
(preferably brown)


a_citizen AT

- 17 Oct 2016

I too am in need of a rosewood front leg, one critical break exactly as shown in the pictures above.
Chair is exactly the same as pictures too, an original, low backed, bought in 1974/75, norwegian built.
Chair has sentimental value to my wife, any links, advise would be greatly appreciated. to find a replacement before christmas would be ideal but not necessary.

Would be interested in other replacement parts also such as leather straps for behind legs. Interest only for now, more research/enquires required before I could purchase.

- 14 Nov 2016


I have a Sigurd Ressel rosewood falcon chair and an ottoman, which can be taken apart and sold for spare.

any interest :)

The chair and ottoman is in Norway :)

kind regards

- 20 Nov 2016

Hi Tomas,

I have sent you an e-mail.

kind regards

- 11 Feb 2017

After so much time, is it still possible to locate a birch leg for my Falcon Chair ottoman?

Most appreciatively,
Sena Ashton


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