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- 27 Nov 2017

Bizarre, I replied here and it is not here. Anyway, yes, impressive ID spanky. I did not know that there is a companion piece to this set.

And the name is not Silkeborg. It is CFC which is short for CF Christensen, which was in Silkeborg. In the Danish scheme of naming things, the town was important to be sure, but it was not primary. CFC is the primary component. The town was an important part of the identifying information to be sure.

- 28 Nov 2017

heh, I just like to google stuff. In this instance, i figured the OP had most likely googled "silkeborg coffee table" which of course didn't yield anything. Since it looked more like it was supposed to hold a cushion, and it seemed about the right dimensions for an ottoman, I went for that. Except I think i just went wide and searched for Silkeborg Made in Denmark, or something--I can't remember now. Anyway, that gave me a bunch of the same labels PLUS a photo of an older one where the CFC was not stylized. (I'm sure i've heard of CFC before but never had any reason to secure it in the memory bank.) Then I did a search for CFC Silkeborg lounge chair, i think---figuring I might find one with that ottoman, or at least one that matched in style. Bingo! Pay dirt.

Countdown to one of you coming up with an old catalog image: 3..2...1......

- 28 Nov 2017

Hm, I only get this Illum Wikkelsø rosewood ottoman. Nevermind. But the Lounge chair in question is attributed to a certain Niels Bach. Anybody heard of him?

- 28 Nov 2017

That's funny. I believe it is actually Illum Wikkelsø sitting on that chair...

- 28 Nov 2017

I think DrPoulet is right which makes it very, very, very likely that the design is indeed by Illum Wikkelsø ;) The same chair is attributed to the mentioned Niels Bach on either pamono or 1stdibs, I don't remember which. Of course I found it attributed also to Wikkelsø in other sources but I did not check furniture index and thought it was Probably by the unknown guy. My bad. But here you have the somewhat similar ottoman alsy by Wikkelsø for cfc.

- 29 Nov 2017

Brilliant thanks, I wondered why it was so low... makes complete sense now.
With the veneer top it could be used as a table too I guess..dual purpose
Thanks again

- 30 Nov 2017

Yeah, it occurred to me later that maybe it was meant to be a low table between the two chairs. Maybe? Somewhere there exists a catalog photo of these pieces. If we're really lucky, it'll show up here.

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