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Sofa by Hayes Furniture Manufacturers - Oakland, CA

- 14 Jun 2017 -
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I have a gigantic sectional from 1978 by Hayes Furniture Manufacturers - Oakland, CA. Its has a chrome base and is upholstered in a natural Indus cotton. Does anyone know the history behind the company? Or any designers who worked for the company? It looks like it was sold/ordered by "Total Concepts". All I know is that it was purchased for $12,000 back in '78. I have attached some pictures below.... Thanks!

Sofa by Hayes Furniture Manufacturers - Oakland, CA
United States
1970 - 1979


- 18 Jun 2017

The name I had encountered in the past associated with this type of furniture & with that manufacturer is Ray Zimmerman.

Not a household name (not sure of the designer 's gender either) & so specific to this part of California. The type of clientele that bought this large sectional suites is also very specific like your house (?) where the image was taken, you either have large picture windows that overlooks the Pacific Ocean or the vineyard/wineries of Sonoma Valley.

$12,000 for a sectional in 1978 was a lot of money, that was what my parents paid for a typical 3 bedroom 2 bath house in Chatsworth,CA also in 1978.

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