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Table Lamp Identification

- 29 Nov 2017 -
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Hi !

I found this lamp in the garbage in front of my house...

Does somebody have some information about it ?

Thanks for your help,


Table Lamp Identification
table lamps


- 03 Jan 2018

Do you have any other information about it other than that you found in in the trash? What is is made of? What's the diameter? What does it look like inside? Are there any labels or marks anywhere on it? And lastly, where are you located in the world? Your ID doesn't provide a location when I click on it.

- 03 Jan 2018

The lamp is all made of metal. Diameter is about 25cm. Insite, there is 2 lights (one up and one down).
No mark.
And i'm in France :)

Thanks for your help

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