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Three piece suite

- 06 May 2015 -
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I inherited this suite and do not know anything about it.  It is mid century, possibly teak and looks similar to a design by Peter Hvidt.  There were no cushions with it so I had a friend upholster it based on some images I found on google.

Can anyone help me?



lounge & easy chairs
1950 - 1959


- 06 May 2015

Where are you located?  It looks kind of American to me, except for the Pirelli webbing straps.  The finish looks like lacquer, which would be unusual (but not unheard of) for Danish teak.  It might even be tinted lacquer to make it look like teak, but it's hard to say without some good close-up shots.  

The three screw plug covers on the back posts are odd, too--I've never seen even one of those at that location on a Danish piece.  at least not that I can recall.  

For what it's worth, American furniture is often not marked and Danish furniture usually is marked, if only with a "Made in Denmark" somewhere on it.  Again, just a guideline, not a hard and fast rule.

- 06 May 2015

Tell City Chair Co. (based in Indiana, USA) made some chairs and sofas that were based on the Hvidt "ski slope" arms. However, I don't recall seeing one with the triple plug detail at the top of the slope.

- 06 May 2015

I am based in Hampshire UK.  I need to sell this suite as I don't have the room for it.  Any idea what it might be worth?  I paid £400 to have the cushions made for it.

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