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Unidentified Danish Sideboard

- 25 Feb 2018 -
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Hello all,

Recently acquired this beautiful sideboard that the seller said was Danish.

We've never seen one like it and are struggling to identify it as the maker’s label has been peeled off the underside. There are no other markings in or on it.

It’s 169cm wide, has three wide drawers (the top one has a cutlery partition) with unusual handles and a sliding door that slides across the drawers.

It’s finished in what appears to be restored rosewood with a very pronounced horizontal grain across the front.

It is in remarkably good condition.

Can anyone shed any light on its maker / origin?

Thanks in advance.

Unidentified Danish Sideboard
1960 - 1969


- 25 Feb 2018

Yeah, looks like teak with curly figure to me, too, Leif.

- 25 Feb 2018

OK I’ll take some better photos soon!

- 25 Feb 2018

I am sure of a few things about the wood based on the current photos. One is that it is NOT rosewood. And the second is that it is something with curly figure.

Was it acquired in the UK perhaps?

- 25 Feb 2018

Yes - it was acquired in the UK. The seller said it was Made in Denmark.

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