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Unknown Asko rocking chair

Product design
- 27 Jan 2018 -
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Product design

Bought recently that rocking chair from Asko. The seat has similarities to the Mademoiselle chair from Tapiovaara.

Can someone recognize the designer here? Is that Tapiovaara as well?

Thanks in advance.

Unknown Asko rocking chair
1960 - 1969


- 27 Jan 2018

Esko Pajamies, « Prima ballerina », 1962.

- 27 Jan 2018

Dearest DrPoulet,

Were you and leif born in the same hospital? Possibly?


Aunt Mark

- 27 Jan 2018

One more question, what would you take here to refresh the surface beside water and detergent? I usually take a Renowell furniture regenerator for almost everything, but I think it’s not very good for painted surfaces.

- 27 Jan 2018

I was actually not born in a hospital. I was born in a room with a dirt floor, and open trenches beside the foundation--on the inside. (I remember scrounging around in those trenches when I was very small).

But I do look extremely French....

- 28 Jan 2018

Ha ha ha.... so you got your answer dear Aunt Mark. We might end up in the same hospital however. We will keep an extra straitjacket for you ;)

- 28 Jan 2018

Can my straightjacket be pink?

I'll bring the hooch,

Aunt Mark

- 29 Jan 2018

The gold-plated Gucci buckles are gonna be hard to source, Leif.

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