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Very large couch table probably Danish

Interior design
- 07 Jul 2018 -
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Interior design

Hi, I've seen this table advertised online and I think I've never seen it before. I think it's veneer, and the odd shape looks like late 60es-70es. Any idea of maker?



Very large couch table probably Danish


- 08 Jul 2018

According to numerous sellers ,online, this table was designed by Svante Skogh ( Swedish) who worked with a

number of manufacturers, including Seffle.Unfortunately any of the images I looked at have no labels or makers


I love the organic shape of the table.



- 08 Jul 2018

Hi Lexi, looks like you got it right :-). I wonder which kind of large living room man must have to host such table! Lovely form indeed.


- 13 Jul 2018

Not too sure about the Svante Skogh attribution. I’m Swedish, and the table doesn’t come up (I looked it up as I really liked the shape) at all when googled in the local language. Some of his designs do have organic influences, but in details rather than the table shape itself. One might need a catalogue pic or so to be sure on this one. I would love to be proven wrong

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