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Wassily Chair: Crazy original or really bad fake

Product design
- 13 Dec 2017 -
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Product design

Dear Design-Community,

I'm rudi, i' new here and for a perfect start - I start with a question. I did some research about an old chair I can buy from an office. The Problem: There seem to be so many different kinds of original Wassily-Chairs, that I hope the chairs (actually two) I can by are just rare crazy old version. Or they are just fake.

There are

- no signs,Logos or numbers on the chair

- two leather-parts at the arm-area seems to be missing

- the metal-construction in very different to everything I can find online

BUT: Usually I can find fakes online, when I look out for them. But I cannot find this one.

I added three pictures, so maybe you can help the newbee.

Wassily Chair: Crazy original or really bad fake
lounge & easy chairs


- 13 Dec 2017

I haven’t had a Wassily chair but if my memory serves me correct, i believe there shouldn’t be ANY caps at the ends of the frame. Caps would indicate them (the frame) being hollow and from what I know, the frame is solid on the authentic Knoll versions . Someone correct me if I’m wrong. :) Hope this helps!
Cheers from Austin

- 13 Dec 2017

I'm not sure if I am following your logic:

1) it looks like a fake, but,

2) you cannot find any other examples of this fake, ergo,

3) it might be some type of original?

I think you've already answered your own question.

Welcome to the forum.

- 13 Dec 2017

Statistically speaking 99.9% of wassily chairs are fakes. Rounding up, because decimals are not the best numbers, we can state factually that 100% of wassily chairs are fakes.

- 14 Dec 2017

Plated steel frames of "authorized" editions of these chairs are of hollow tubing with welded (seamless), flat, end caps.

The OP's chair is not even close to the original design.

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