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Wegner Rocking chair

- 18 Aug 2016 -
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Quick question, when did Domus Danica - O.D. Mobler make a Hans Wegner rocker?

I am going to look at one that is listed in my area, and they posted pictures of the tag which says "Domus Danica - O.D. Mobler A/S. Hans Wegner". The rocker is the design that was originally made by Tarn Stole, so this is not the J16.

Does anyone have any info when OD took the rights of this design over from Tarn Stole? Also, does anyone know which model this rocker is? Thanks in advance!

Wegner Rocking chair
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- 18 Aug 2016

The J16 was the rocking chair that Wegner designed for Tarm Stole. Tarm Stole was owned by FDB. There was no other.

Here is PP Møbler's timeline entry for 1944:
Wegner designs the children's furniture 'Peter's Chair an Table') and the rocking chair, J16. Both enters production at Tarm Stole- og Møbelfabrik, owned by FDB. Today 'Peter's Chair and Table' is being produced by Carl Hansen and the Rocking Chair by Fredericia Furniture.

Full Wegner timeline (very useful):

- 18 Aug 2016

Thanks Leif! You have to excuse my lack of understanding on all the relationships ... I am still trying to learn.

So how is Domus Danica and OD Mobler, and PP Mobler and FDB all related here? Are these all under the FDB umbrella, different factories?

- 18 Aug 2016

Domus Danica was a retail consortium of various different Danish factories. The membership varied over time.

OD Møbler was a factory that made more common danish pieces (e.g. Erik Buck model 49/50 dining chairs). OD Møbler was part of Domus Danica.

PP Møbler is a cabinetmaker type shop that subcontracted wooden production for other factories in the 50s & 60s (e.g. the Papa Bear frame). In 1969 or so, Wegner started drawing designs for PP instead of for Johannes Hansen and since then has acquired the rights to many Wegner designs.

FDB was a producer and Danish market retailer known for producing some of the more Shaker inspired parts of Danish Modern, for example some of Børge Mogensen's pieces).

- 19 Aug 2016

Thanks Leif, appreciate the info. I think I have an understanding of how it all goes together now.

- 19 Aug 2016

Please post some photos of the rocker and the tag. I dot think I've ever seen this tag before.

- 19 Aug 2016

Cd, yes you got it. Where are you located, and what do you think about the chair?

Leif, here you go on the pictures.

THoughts? Is it worth it? I have been trying to find a reasonably priced Wegner piece to add to my collection (which is still very immature at this point), but they are typically so expensive, I dont even consider it. I cannot wait forever to find one at Goodwill....

- 19 Aug 2016

I'm in Chicago.

Here's what I think: It is an OD Mobler rocking chair that has a very close resemblance to the Wegner Tarm Stole rocking chair. However this is neither horseshoes nor hand grenades.

Differences in the OD Mobler chair that I've noticed at a glance::

- lower side stretchers
- slightly different armrest shapes
- tapered leg/rail interface
- rounded rail ends
- no exposed wood plugs to cover bolt holes at joints.

If you can find verified proof that OD Mobler took over legit production of this chair from Tarm Stole and then made some detail refinements, the price looks okay to me (this Wegner design is not one of my favorites). Otherwise it falls under the "inspired by" category. The Jens Bernsen book lists 18 manufacturers that HW worked with, and OD Mobler is not on that list.

- 19 Aug 2016

Thanks cd.

You confirmed all the things that had me concerned about this chair, and I really appreciate you weighing in. I have been relentlessly searching for the connection from Tarn Stole to OD, but have not had any success. The structural differences that you pointed out, also had me concerned, which is one of the reasons I was confused about it being a J-16, as Leif stated above.

I thought that the original CL post had shown a label with "Hans Wegner" actually on the label, but right after I responded to the ad, the posting was taken down, and then re-posted this morning. My memory could be completely faltering, but I agree, at this point I am not sure there is much actual proof to the Wegner attribution.

I will probably still go take a look, since it is only 20 mins from me. With out any clear evidence, I am definitely not willing to entertain the asking price, however.

I also appreciate the horseshoes and hand grenades comment. That is one of my dad's favorite sayings. Of course, he had to riff on the saying by adding 'atom bombs' into the list of things where being close counts. Guess that is what you get when your school days were filled with drills that involved hiding under desks from them....

- 20 Aug 2016

I don't believe that the Tarm Stole rocker that looks like this is a Wegner either. There certainly is no evidence for it. And Wegner is a very well documented designer.

The rocking chair that Hans Wegner designed for Tarm Stole IS the J16 that was produced also by FDB. (FDB owned Tarm Stole).

I believe the confusion stems from financial motivation in a number of ways: 1. everything Danish Modern gets described as Wegner 2. Wegner did actually design a rocking chair for Tarm Stole.

- 22 Aug 2016

Well I saw leif's first post on this thread, and I guess it just didn't register in my brain. I've gotten so used to seeing that Tarm Stole rocker listed as Wegner-designed that I just never questioned it. Upon closer examination, there indeed appears to be a significant lack of evidence that this is a Wegner design.

I guess my previous thoughts on the OD Mobler chair are the same, except remove the Wegner references.

- 27 Aug 2017

Hi! Sorry to resurrect this thread. It that possible that a J16 has this label?

Thank you

- 27 Aug 2017

Hi Ernest. This is FDB Møbler mark. So yes, it is an original J16.

- 28 Aug 2017

I echo what the good doctor says. The later Fredericia production has the same label, except the "FDB triangle" is not present, just the "Made in Denmark" and the date of production.

- 28 Aug 2017

I believe that J16 was originally a black one. There would not be black in the stamp otherwise, and in the elbow at the rear of the armrest there appears to be a remnant of black as well.

- 28 Aug 2017

Leif, you'll never stop surprising me. I think you're right.

Thank you!


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