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Westnofa Modular Child's Chair

Product design
- 29 Mar 2018 -
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Product design

My wife and I recently purchased this modern adjustable Westnofa children's chair, but we have struggled to find any information about its history online. We're hoping someone on this forum might have some information, or maybe even a vague memory, about this chair.

The chair has dual "Westnofa Furniture - Made in Norway" manufacturing stickers under the seat, presumably one was relocated from somewhere else on the piece.

The chair is modular and has several design and material similarities to the popular Stokke Tripp Trapp, primarily the way the adjustable panels slide into stacked vertical notches. The chair is far less dramatic and angular than the Tripp Trapp though, with an overall round and symmetrical appearance. Also in contrast to the Tripp Trapp, the chair has an upholstered seat, as well as padded back rest. We have not attempted all the various configurations, but it seems as though the lower panel, currently shown beneath the seat, could be used as a tray surface when raised and reversed.

Any information is appreciated. Thank you in advance.

Westnofa Modular Child's Chair
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- 29 Mar 2018

It's a lot like the child's chair by Kristian Vedel, which I'm guessing came first. There are a lot of photos of that one online in all its configurations.

- 29 Mar 2018

It took me a while to remember, it is from the 1970s & it is called 'Fabel' child's chair by J. Daae-Quale. It has multiple seat heights & can be configured into various forms such as a play horse & if you have 2, I think there is a way to make a cradle that is if you have all the parts.

- 16 Apr 2018

@minimoma Thank you so much. We've asked on other forums/groups and haven't come up with any information until now. The horse conversion is particularly cool. Where is your image from?

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