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What sofa is this

Interior design
- 15 Jul 2017 -
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Interior design

Hi all,

Me and my girlfriend are trying to find the designer / producer of this sofa. Can anyone help? We've been on it for days and its driving us mad!!


What sofa is this


- 15 Jul 2017

That sofa frightens me.


Aunt Mark

- 15 Jul 2017

The plush piano frightens me.

This is a stage for Dutch comedienne Brigitte Kaandorp so you might get some help from her management if you want to try that. It could also very well be a unique piece built by a props department. The fact that there are seams in odd places makes me think that is the most likely answer. (Well, also the cartoon quality of it.)

- 16 Jul 2017

Oh my stars.

I was thinking more upon the category-o-porn-sofa. I long for a simple life. The therapy is helping. And I know. My next class is in knitting.

smell me,

Aunt Mark

ps. I'd spank that piano. yup. 8 to the bar.

- 17 Jul 2017

Was or isn't there a brand calles Bretz who make these?

I believe these sell well in Holland, the Kaandorp video kind of confirms this..
Probably compensation for a rigid, protestant background :-)

- 17 Jul 2017

Found it---or rather, found a Bretz chaise that has some of the same elements. But it has more human proportions than the thing in the comedienne's stage show. I think maybe hers was indeed a stage prop based on the Bretz chaise, but even more exaggerated.

It wouldn't be hard to do if you just did a plywood box for the base instead of doing springs. Also, the fabric looks like low nap plush, the kind used for stuffed animals for kids. They used the same fabric on the piano, too.

There are two seams on the outside of the big scrolled arm/headrest/whateverthat'scalled on the chaise---no real upholsterer would put seams there but a props department would because it's not something that matters at all in that setting.

If one wanted a piece like this in one's home, it might not be that expensive to have it custom made. Depends on your budget, of course.

Here's the Bretz line. I think it very likely served as inspiration for that purple behemoth.

- 17 Jul 2017

Pretty sure Beuys wrapped a Bechstein concert grand in grey felt. Probably worth millions today...

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