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asian pottery

- 30 Jan 2018 -
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hoping for some advice or advice on where to post this.

i'm trying to ID some asian pottery. i'm guessing it is chinese but assume it could also be japanese.

thanks in advance for any guidance.

- jon

asian pottery


- 31 Jan 2018

Hi Jon,

I'm curious why you suspect that the piece is Asian? If it is Asian I would lean more to it being Japanese.
Personally, I suspect that the piece is contemporary North American studio pottery, salt or soda fired, porcelain or stoneware with a porcelain slip on the exterior. It could even be a thin shino glaze on the exterior (maybe...). On one side it looks like there are fingerprints to the right and bottom, this is probably where the piece was held as it was dipped in slip. I would gladly display flowers in this piece. I really don't know where you would go for more info - maybe a salt or soda firing group on Facebook?


- 01 Feb 2018

hi tfritz_q!

thanks so much for the help and insight. also thanks for the keywords!

so i didn't post the front which i will try to do here.

for some reason the formal qualities of this vase are quite interesting. there is something rather very informed about the use of clay (almost cultural in a way). also there is something very kind of minimalist and brut at the same time.

can i just ask you what you make of the symbols on the bottom of the piece? they look like they are a japanese script in some way. but perhaps it is a signature of some kind?!

can you help? any thoughts?



- 02 Feb 2018


The markings on the bottom appear to be initials or a signature applied with a brush. I have no idea what they say... BG maybe?

The four white circles are from where the piece was placed on four "wads" of refractory material during the firing process. This is a common practice to keep the pottery from fusing to the kiln shelves when firing with salt, soda or wood. I have included a link below to a picture of a wood kiln (post firing), the white blobs beneath the pots are the wadding. Your piece was fired on its side (face down).


- 02 Feb 2018

THANK YOU tfritz_q!

very interesting.

appreciate it!


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