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Is this dining table Hans Olsen?

Product design
- 11 Mar 2015 -
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Product design

Hi all. I am so excited to find this site and look forward to active participation.  I am stumped and need your help.  Is this table designed by Hans Olsen? I only say that because I can't locate another like it.  Only markings I can find are on the slider under the table which was made and signed by "Walter Wahbash".  Anything at all you can tell me would be appreciated.

Can you identify the wood?  



United States
1960 - 1969


- 11 Mar 2015

Walter of Wabash is on the table slides right?  

I once had a table with that name on it.  Vaguely Danish Modern in style.  Never was sure if Walter of Wabash was the maker of the whole table, or only of the slides.  I supect the latter.

Regardless, it is American, not Danish.  And certainly not Hans Olsen.  

- 11 Mar 2015

Thanks to you both.  I checked the links so graciously supplied and found that Walter Wahbash did in fact supply the sliding mechanism worldwide and to Danish mfg.  That is not to imply I believe it to be Danish.  Let's see whom else pipes in.

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