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interesting design wood formica table & lazy susan pool cue holder

Product design
- 17 Mar 2017 -
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Product design

i keep finding really nice things at the thrift store that i can't identify. i'm hoping that someone can put me on the right track with these two items. the formica top wood table is really an interesting design. the pool cue holder has metal ball bearings and rotates easily..... i have so many more things but this will get me started here.



interesting design wood formica table & lazy susan pool cue holder


- 17 Mar 2017

You've already figured out the pool cue thing, or at least as much as is relevant. The other table--it's a budget reproduction (loose term here) of an antique. I guess the formica is supposed to look like marble, maybe? Except that the illusion is lost because of the way the table edge is done. But you don't have to worry about coasters or damp flower pots on it, which is where the 20th century convenience part of it kind of takes over. The exaggeratedly antiqued finish on the rest of it is another clue.

This forum is dedicated to original design, specifically mid 20th century and later, but i'm sure there are places online that can help with finding manufacturers of vintage reproductions and stuff like the pool cue holder. Ebay used to have a lot of discussion boards on all kinds of stuff--maybe start there? Good luck!

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