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A long shot for sure....

Product design
- 02 Dec 2017 -
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Product design

Just finished refinishing a table.

It is the relatively standard draw leaf design. 125 cm long (230 cm extended), 85 cm wide, 37 cm tall. Average Danish construction quality, with teak veneer over particle board removable top. Top is held in place with two oak dowels. The legs are solid teak and round, teak veneered beech apron, non visible surfaces veneered in Afromosia or more likely Red Meranti. Legs fastened with a single bolt through corner-spanning metal plate.

Remnants of a label, which looked to be rectangular, with one of the short ends being circular. Each top portion is stamped/incised with "401". There is not a "Made in" stamp, but I would be very surprised if it were not Danish, and suspect that it was on the now absconded label. Plus the "1" of the stamp has that characteristic form of the ones in Denmark of the era (you know, almost looks like a "7", but with the horizontal sloping down at an angle).

Normally, I would not even bother with trying to identify a common design like this, but I figured if anyone can it is our brilliant DA community. More than anything, I am interested in the maker, as that might be possible with the limited markings, and I always like knowing who made pieces that I have intimately worked on (it adds a human dimension to an otherwise innate object). With a common design like this, it hardly matters who designed it.

I think my only hope is that some one recognizes the ghost of the label, or the incised 401. I have spent some time searching online, but there are certainly search terms that may not have been obvious to me, but are to others (Spanky, you always blow me away with your acumen here).

Thanks in advance for any input!

A long shot for sure....
United States
dining tables
1950 - 1959


- 02 Dec 2017

A few varying details but, construction wise, it's very close to the Skovmand & Andersen / Moreddi dining table I used to have

- 02 Dec 2017

Hey Zeph........I have a table like this of very similar construction. It is one of my repair projects. I dont know where the top and leaves are at the moment, but I just took a picture of some of the parts of the frame. I will try to find the top and see if it is signed anywhere.

- 02 Dec 2017

Zephyr, I have a drop leaf (dining) table that I use as a work table, the base similar in construction to your table & it is stamped Vejle Stole Mobelfabrik Denmark, but that probably does not help much. I have seen the same metal braces used in (probably) mid 1970s tables. Vintage IKEA wood tables also used them for flat packing.

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