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Is this a real Hans Wegner bar bench?

- 16 Jan 2018 -
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I am trying to determine if this is a real Hans Wegner for Johannes Hansen bar bench. The craftsmanship is nice and there are 35 slats just like the actual examples. There are no markings except for ones in pencil that can be seen in one of the attached images. Did anyone ever copy this design? Were the pieces ever not marked?

Is this a real Hans Wegner bar bench?


- 16 Jan 2018

Good luck IDing! I hope its genuine!

This thing is listed at $18k on another website. Whoa!

It's an awesome bench.

How did you get your hands on it?

- 16 Jan 2018

grambo, while that is a Wegner bench, it was not made by Johannes Hansen, but rather PP Mobler. PP has re-issued quite a few Wegner designs, including this PP589 bench, in ash, a wood not offered by JH (at least not during most of their existence).

The reason it has gone through two eBay auctions without a bid is because it is priced at about what you could buy it for new.

The Barnebys appraisal of $12-14K at auction is worthless, and simply embarrassing for Barnebys.

As of this moment, I am unaware of any recent Chinese knockoffs of this bench (probably because it is not very well known). However, seeing as the form and design are fairly straightforward, the Chinese might be making a liar out of me in the near future.

- 16 Jan 2018

Well, I did find this recent Lauritz listing, which has a JH label on a new-looking ash bench.

However, I have a 1970 JH catalog which does not have the 589 bench in it. Perhaps JH did re-release the 589 in ash after 1970 and before they closed down.

Another possibility is that PP made this bench in ash for JH late during the 70's or 80's and it was sold under the JH label. Here is a label that from a chair that was only made by PP Mobler, but retailed by JH.

Yet another possibility is that someone removed the PP Mobler label on this Lauritz bench, and replaced it with a JH label. That Lauritz bench ash finish looks very new to be JH made.

- 16 Jan 2018

. . . and I did forget about the Peacock chair, which JH did make in ash, so perhaps the OP chair was made by JH as part of their late production. If there are tack holes that match where the metal plaque is located on other 589 benches, then that would be another clue to factor in.

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