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Is this a real Tulip?!

Interior design
- 31 Jul 2017 -
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Interior design

Hi All,

Thanks first of all to DA to letting me join in! I've come across some Saarinen Tulip chairs. After a lot of digging, I can't work out if they're originals or not. would anyone be able to help?

Many thanks,


Is this a real Tulip?!
chairs & stools


- 01 Aug 2017

No. Besides for the shape, all chairs have Alcoa, BR50 or BR51 on the base. The bottoms don't look like that. Neither does the spot under the cushion.

- 21 Aug 2017

Thanks for your feedback. After inspection and further research, they're not! A big 'made in China' stamp on the bottom gave it away.

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