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sibast/jeppesen Tanier designer

- 05 Apr 2016 -
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Perhaps someone has a Tanier catalogue and can ID this Sibast dresser for me? I find it interesting, that whoever the designer is, they must have designed for both Jeppesen and Sibast. There seems to be a common connection in the design of the Tanier pieces that are labelled with either company. I also wondered if this dresser was contracted out at least in part, as a Finland furniture company is marked on the inside of the dresser (sibast on the back).

sibast/jeppesen Tanier designer
1950 - 1959


- 05 Apr 2016

A Google search tells me that Venesta was a plywood company. So it appears that the plywood for the dresser was made in Finland.

Un-referenced attributions in sales/auction listings are basically worthless. There is a listing for a Grete Jalk / Sibast credenza in the furnitureindex database that is similar to your 1stDibs link, but the drawer pulls are different.

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