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Advice please - wobbling Herman Miller EA331 Aluminum Group

- 14 Oct 2017 -
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Hi Addicts - I've a couple of EA331 side chairs (c 1994) - the non-tilt/fixed height model - sitting on 5 star pedestal bases and there's clearly some wear in the stem causing the seats to wobble and clank a bit when you sit in them. The chairs are original Herman Miller and in fine condition aside from this issue.

Once your weight is in the chair it's not too bad, but I guess there must be a repair presumably involving the fitting of a new bush or sleeve or similar? I'd love to know if anyone has attempted this fix or perhaps an alternative method of solving??

The chairs swivel freely, it's just the rocking/wobbling that is annoying, particularly as I'm intending to sell them

Any tips gratefully received!

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- 08 Nov 2017

Anyone able to assist with this at all? Thanks

- 08 Nov 2017

Pretty sure there's a bushing in the base that's worn and needs replacing. If so, there's probably a C-clip or some type of retaining ring on the very bottom of the shaft which, when removed, will allow the base to be removed and reveal either a brass or plastic bushing. HM dealer should be able to assist with procuring replacements.

- 08 Nov 2017

I am very new to this, but here is what i found as i repaired one.

Mine has a C- clip as you can see in the picture. Open that carefully and that is all that holds the parts together.

As for parts, here is an example of what you are looking for.

"this component will eliminate excess movement & wobble when replacing original factory plastic part."

- 08 Nov 2017

There are specialized tools made for safely removing these that your favorite local automotive repair shop might be willing to lend. Otherwise, work in a contained area (free of valuables or loved ones) so that you can find the damned thing when you finally pry it loose and it attempts to achieve orbit after bouncing off one or both of your eyes.

- 08 Nov 2017

Depending on how bad the wobble is, I've fixed this issue before by wrapping the stem in nylon thread sealing tape to take up some of the slop.

- 08 Nov 2017

Ah, good dealer's trick, Lowe! Quick, easy, virtually no cost, and who cares if it lasts?

Did you mean *Teflon* plumber's thread-sealing tape? ;^)

- 09 Nov 2017

Thanks so much, some fine tips here. Greatly appreciated!


- 09 Nov 2017

Tktoo, Teflon tape is exactly what I meant. Right product, wrong resin.

And the fix is surprisingly durable. I did it as a short term fix on an Eames loose cushion armchair until I could machine a new bushing. I never did get around to making a new bushing but the chair is still stable a couple years later.

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