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Arne Vodder Tilt Back Chair repair question

Product design
- 22 Jan 2017 -
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Product design

I need help!

We were GIVEN 2 Arne Vodder Ella Tilt Back chairs (1 dining chair, and 1 lounge chair with arms).

My wife and I are reupholstering them in Macleod Harris Tweed (So stoked!) but have run into a snag.

How on earth do I remove the swivel top cushion?!?

The retaining bolt/screw does not pass all the way through to the outside as in other chairs from same era.

The swivel mechanism is held in place with two flat head screws inside the wooden "arms" facing the cushion.

after removing the screws, how is this removed?

Any input would be greatly appreciated!

Arne Vodder Tilt Back Chair repair question
chairs & stools
1950 - 1959


- 23 Jan 2017

Is the answer hiding under the upholstery?

Or if you remove the screws in the brackets can you pull the chair apart enough to ease out the backrest?

- 28 Jan 2017

We figured it out! Ill try and post pics soon.

- 21 Jul 2017

I'm in the midst of trying to disassemble these same chairs and am baffled by this same issue. I'd be incredibly grateful to know how you managed to remove the tilt back!

- 22 Jul 2017

So how to remove the swivel back rest from an Arne Vodder Bella chair...
Vodder was no slouch in the subtle construction details. Its pretty genius design really. You dont even need to mess with the screws peeping out from behind your cushion. Just watch the video below and you will see how to remove the back rest. Each metal swivel dowel as it enters the recessed metal unit embedded in each inner side of the wooden support posts is a cylinder with a small rectangular extension off the side os each, like an antique key. And each of the metal pieces have a "keyhole" that fits the "key". When the back rest is upside down, the "keys" are free to be removed from the wooden support posts by simply pulling the posts outward away from the back rest and eachother.
watch the video below for some visual learning.

I have some more video about this process if you want it.

- 23 Jul 2017

Thank you so much, this is incredibly helpful! Such an ingenious design.

I previously managed to get the backs off by removing the brass attachment plates entirely, but this "key" system solves the problem of how to get it all back together without tearing up the new fabric, since the two screws attaching the plate have so little clearance that removing them gouged the old fabric a bit. I figured that the designer must have had a better way in mind, and this is surely it!

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