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Assembling the back cover of a Knoll Pollock Executive Chair

- 08 Oct 2014 -
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I have bought a Knoll Pollock chair with new upholstery, but the back cover was not mounted on the chair.

Does someone have some tip or tricks to assemble the back cover on the chair again?






- 19 Jan 2016

Hello there. Just wanted to know if you had any luck with that. Im in a very similar situation and there is not much info around!


- 29 Mar 2017

Me to. No one is giving a tip on how to remove the shell of the chair!

- 29 Mar 2017

Hi from here.

I briefly glanced at a Pollock chair at a friends office yesterday, and I am usually wrong about most everything. Since the outer shell incorporates both the seat and seat back, perhaps if the arms and base were removed, you would be able to find proper access to the guts. I just don't see how the tufted back could be upholstered without removing the textile/leather from the tufted seat first. I recall hearing one time that Pollock chairs have certain textile requirements*, so a "com" order is usually discouraged. Any leather or suede recovering (cow hide) add 10%. And the multi-density urethane foam should be 4.5" thick (maximum).


Aunt Mark

*only limited Knoll textiles are available on this chair.

ps please keep us posted.

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