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Blindheim Møbelfabrikk ERGO

Graphic design
- 07 Dec 2017 -
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Graphic design

I purchased this wall unit a few years ago from a local thrift store that is notorious for losing parts and damaging furniture before it make it to the floor. However they didn't damage this piece, it's in excellent condition but missing the two sliding doors on the bottom unit and the two pieces of sliding glass that go on the top unit. If anyone has extra doors for this unit that they would like to sell or trade please let me know. Thanks!

Blindheim Møbelfabrikk ERGO
1960 - 1969


- 08 Dec 2017

This request could quite possibly be one of the longest shots I have seen on here in some time. I might have seen this piece one other time in the past, but it is definitely more obscure than most designs. I dont mean to insult you, but this is just not likely to happen.

I think your best bet is to get the glass doors made by a glass shop. Measure the width of the groove (I suspect it is 5/16" or smaller), slightly less than this will be the thickness you need for the glass (probably 1/8" or less). Then measure the depth of the groove that the glass goes in, top and bottom. The top should be slightly deeper than the bottom. Now measure the height of the opening. Take the height of the opening, plus the depth of the bottom plus the difference of the depth of the top. Now you have the height of the glass. Finally, measure the over all width of the opening, divide by 2, and add a half inch (or whatever you want the door overlap to be). You now have all the dimensions you need for the shop to make you two new glass doors. Make sure they finish the edges, and if it is a decent shop, they shouldn't have any problems cutting finger depressions as well.

The teak doors will be a tad more difficult, but not that much. Any accomplished woodworker should be able to reproduce them easily, finding matching teak will probably be the hardest part. Fortunately it looks pretty light in color, which is the color of most teak out there today.

It wont be super cheap (something like $300-500, depending on where you live), but is a lot more likely to happen in your lifetime, then you finding someone who just happens to have both sets of doors laying around, extra, ready to sell to you.

- 08 Dec 2017

The ERGO is a pretty rare wall system in the USA. There is a chance you might have more luck in Norway. I've just said this, but I suspect that the cost and availability of the doors, teak and glass, would probably be identical to the cost and availability of the whole cabinets. You would just get a pair of cabinets to go along with your doors (which would justify the high cost, right?).

It sounds like this thrift store lived up to its reputation of losing parts after all.

- 11 Dec 2017

Yes lief ericson, I have been shopping around online for a ERGO cabinet that has the doors that match my unit, the doors are interchangeable on these units and that would be the most reasonable way to go. I just thought I would give it a shot that someone here had an extra unit that maybe they wasn't using because some of these units did come in several bays and maybe someone here don't have room for all their units. Thanks I appreciate your suggestion.

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