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Butterfly chair repair

Interior design
- 24 Oct 2015 -
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Interior design

I just happened to bump it to this piece on Craigslist for $20. I figured it couldn't be much of a chore to clean up. Once I gave it some more inspecting at home I noticed 2 bottom feet were badly corroded and a quarter of the frame wasn't attached. Any ideas onhow I can go about reattaching the frame and fixing the feet? Any help would be great! Thanks

Butterfly chair repair
lounge & easy chairs
1930 - 1939


- 25 Oct 2015

I had about a dozen of these at one time. I love them! One of mine had a broken joint and I just had a friend weld it back together, then I spray painted the entire frame with Rustoleum flat black. The repair was invisible. They should be painted to keep the steel from rusting out like the ends of yours have done.

I don't know what can be done about that. Can welding be used to add material back? I don't know how that works---if it would hold, or what. None of mine had that problem.

(BTW, if you want to protect your floor from the chair ends, those 2-prong clear plastic outlet covers supposedly work great. The kind made for keeping little fingers out of sockets, I mean.)

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